Lisette & John

We're getting married!


Lisette was already sold when John gave her a Canadian hug instead of the Dutch three kisses on their first date. John took Lisette on her first flight, and then on plenty more after that! Lisette has discovered many new parts of the world with John and she hopes that there are lots more to come. After 4.5 years she loves John more than ever: his caring nature, his love of family, and even his terrible puns. She can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him.


John first met Lisette after waiting for almost an hour when Lisette didn't check her phone to get the exact meeting place at Amsterdam Central Station. John is still shocked that she stuck with him through two years of long distance as he studied in Sweden, and has been loving living with her and doing life together for the past year and a half. He can't wait to say "I do", and to enjoy the lifetime of adventures that will follow!


Maid of Honour

Cynthia is Lisette's sister, and is only 1 year, 5 months, 3 days, 8 hours, and probably a few minutes older than Lisette. They can tell each other everything, and have always stuck together for better or for worse. They are hilarious together and share the same great dance moves. Lisette was very excited when Cynthia said "yes!" to being her Maid of Honour.


Best Man

Callum is John's brother and one of his best friends. They have shared laughs all over the world, and Callum has always been the one to figure out the directions to hotels, preventing anybody having to sleep in a park. They have always been there for each other, no matter the distance, and John is thrilled that Callum agreed to be his Best Man.


Master of Ceremonies

Wesley and John have been friends basically since John moved to the Netherlands. Lisette got to know Wesley when he joined John at an unforgettable Kermis De Goorn. They recently went on an epic road trip through Norway, camping, climbing glaciers, and getting soaked in the rain. Since Wesley moved in just around the corner, it seems like he just can't get enough of Lisette & John.



Bart is Lisette's brother-in-law, and they've been friends ever since Lisette peeked around the corner to spy on "the boy that Melanie brought home". John first met Bart (and the rest of the family) at Christmas dinner, only 6 days after John & Lisette made it official. They really got to know each other over traditional Dutch board games and whiskey, which John is much better at handling now than he was then.

The date

It's all happening on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018.




Cake & Photos





The location

Located in Amsterdam's Westerpark, Westerliefde is part of the Westergasfabriek complex, a former industrial site where natural gas was processed. These days the area is a beautiful park, sporting canals, bridges, and old-style Dutch architecture, all while maintaining elements of its original industrial character.

You can click here for a map of the park.

Westerliefde is accessible...

  • ... by public transport: Bus 21 from Amsterdam Central Station, or tram 10 from the outermost canal ring/the s100.
  • ... by car: Exit the A10 at the s103/Haarlemmerweg towards the centre. Parking is available at Q-Park Westergasfabriek (street address Van Bleiswijkstraat 8). Parking tickets can be purchased from Westerliefde for about €16.
  • ... on foot: If you're staying in the area, check the walking directions on Google Maps. Amsterdam is likely smaller than you think!

Where to stay

Westerliefde has provided some nearby hotel suggestions for guests. Besides these, there are lots of other hotels and AirBnBs in the area (Amsterdam West/Westerpark). If you need a couch to crash on, you can also get in touch and we'll try to help you out.


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